Policy for PhD Candidacy

This policy governs the following programs:


      2.   The PhD program.

(DRC is short for Departmental Research Committee)    


A candidate may embark on his PhD in Mathematical Sciences program at IBA if:
(1)  the student that qualifies for MS thesis (at IBA) submits (to the DRC) and subsequently defends a research proposal within two months of completion of the MS course work in consultation with his/her supervisor. If the DRC approves the synopsis the same shall be sent to the Board of Advanced Studies and Research for final approval.
(2)  the applicant has earned an MS (in Mathematics or allied areas) from a foreign / local university of international repute, and in addition to it:
(i)  Clears IBA's entry test, or scores 650 in GRE Subjective (Mathematics), or scores 60% in GAT Subjective (Mathematics).
(ii) goes through a successful interview at IBA.



  1. A PhD student would be required to teach under-graduate courses as per IBA policy.
  2. A PhD student shall be paid a stipend as per IBA policy.
  3. PhD students will be required do to six courses (chosen from the list below) at 600    level as suggested by the research supervisor and/or the DRC, spread over two semester.


The Departmental Research Committee is authorized to introduce any new courses added to the following list as and when required:

               MTS 621 Numerical Treatment of P.D.E
               MTS 625 Financial Mathematics                  
               MTS 629 Computational Finance
               MTS 637 Computational  Astronomy
               MTS 645 Applicable Modern Geometry II
               MTS 649  Algebraic Geometry II
               MTS 653 Algebraic Cycles II
               MTS 657 Polylogarithms
               MTS 661 Multivariate Statistical Analysis
               MTS 665 Mathematical Physics II                
               MTS 671 Monomial Algebra
               MTS 691 Topics of Special Interest I
               MTS 692 Topics of Special Interest II

On successful completion of the course work with CGPA of at least 3.0, the candidate qualifies to work on PhD dissertation. Failing to achieve this qualification the candidate would be allowed to improve his/her CGPA by doing two of his courses again. In view of candidates request and recommendation of DRC the candidate may do any other two courses to improve the CGPA to the required level.



The DRC will decide whether a Comprehensive Examination is required or not.


If the candidate fails to qualify for work on PhD dissertation he/she may be awarded an MS degree on the recommendation of the supervisor/DRC.


Minimum time required to complete PhD thesis is two years.


A candidate who accomplishes all the conditions imposed for acquisition of the PhD degree, is also, in addition, required to take the GRE / GAT (subjective) before finally doctoral diploma may be obtained.


The research synopsis would have to be defended against the DRC. Public defense of the PhD thesis and completion of the degree will commence after examination of the thesis by two external examiners foreign to Pakistan. Further details governing this can be extracted from the minutes of the Academic Board meeting {minutes of the 59th meeting of the Academic Board, Nov 27, 2012}.