PhD (Statistics)

This PhD program aims at providing quality opportunities to research in the fascinating area of Statistics. Today there is hardly any field of scientific investigation which does not employ quantification in terms of statistical models. This program will enable candidates to appreciate and make contributions to statistical research especially in financial, econometric, demographic, computational, and business related applications. The candidates are expected to be full time research students and will also have the opportunities to do teaching related activities, for which they will be compensated with a monthly stipend.

Other rules:
1)A PhD student would be required to teach under-graduate courses as per IBA's policy.
(2)A PhD student shall be paid a stipend as per IBA's policy.
(3)PhD students will be required to do six courses

Courses: The Departmental Research Committee (DRC) is authorized to introduce any new courses added to the following list as and when required:

Required Courses

Course Title Course Code Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
Linear Statistical Models  STA 601 3 -
Generalized Linear Models STA 602 3 -
Advanced Probability Theory STA 603 3 -
Stochastic Processes STA 604 3 -
Advanced Statistical Inference STA 605 3 -
Multivariate Statistics STA 606 3 -
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting STA 611 3 -
Experimental Design and ANOVA Models  STA 612 3 -
Statistical Machine Learning STA 621 3 -
Statistical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery  STA 622 3 -
Classification and Pattern Recognition STA 631 3 -
Optimization Techniques STA 632 3 -
Bayesian Statistics  STA 641 3 -
Reliability and Survival Analysis  STA 642 3 -
Non-Parametric and Semi-Parametric Statistics STA 651 3 -
Simulation and Re-sampling Methods STA 652 3 -
Advanced Operations Research STA 661 3 -
Stochastic Financial Models STA 662 3 -
Financial Time Series STA 671 3 -
Advanced Econometrics  STA 672 3 -
Econometric Analysis of Time Series  STA 681 3 -
Longitudinal and Panel Data Models STA 682 3 -
Functional Data Analysis STA 691 3 -
Functional Time Series Analysis  STA 692 3 -




(chosen from the mentioned table) at 600 level as suggested by the research supervisor and / or the DRC, spread over two semester. On successful completion of the course work with CGPA of at least 3.0, the candidate qualifies to work on PhD dissertation. Failing to achieve this qualification the candidate would be allowed to improve his / her CGPA by doing two of his courses again. In view of candidate™s request and recommendation of DRC the candidate may do any other two courses to improve the CGPA to the required level

Comprehensive Test:
The DRC will decide a Comprehensive Examination on case to case basis.

If the candidate fails to qualify for work on PhD dissertation he / she may be awarded an MS degree on the recommendation of the supervisor / DC.

Minimum Time Requirement:
Minimum time required to complete PhD thesis is two years.

Graduation Eligibility
A candidate who accomplishes all the conditions imposed for acquisition of the PhD degree, is also, in addition, required to take the GRE / GAT (subjective) before finally doctoral diploma may be obtained.

Defense of Research Synopsis / Thesis:
The research synopsis would have to be defended against the DRC. Public defense of the PhD thesis and completion of the degree will commence after examination of the thesis by two foreign examiners