Ph.D. Mathematics program

Ph.D. in Mathematics aims to polish individuals' skills of using Mathematics as a compact language to describe problems in any area that requires them to do so. This enables them to theoretically expand the frontiers to create new and formerly unknown avenues in this discipline.


A candidate may embark on his Ph.D. Mathematics program at IBA if:

The applicant has earned an M.S./M.Phil. (in Mathematics or allied areas) from a foreign/local university of international repute, and in addition to it:

  • Clears IBA’s aptitude test, or scores 70 percentiles in GRE International Subjective (Mathematics).
  • Goes through a successful interview and presentation at IBA.

Teaching/research assistant positions

Ph.D. program is a full time program. IBA will offer paid teaching/research assistant positions to Ph.D. students along with a tuition fee waiver. Teaching/research assistants must not work elsewhere.


Ph.D. 4 years (maximum 8 years)

Other rules

  • A Ph.D. student has to spend at least the first two years in IBA as a full-time Ph.D. scholar.
  • Ph.D. students will be required to do six courses (chosen from the list below) at 600 level as suggested by the research supervisor and/or the departmental Board of Studies (BOS).


The departmental BOS is authorized to introduce any new courses added to the followed list as and when required:

On successful completion of the course work with CGPA of at least 3.00, the candidate qualifies to work on the Ph.D. dissertation. Failing to achieve this qualification, the candidate would be allowed to improve his/her CGPA by doing two of their courses again. In view of the candidate’s request and recommendation of the BOS, the candidate may do any other two courses to bring their CGPA to the required level.

Comprehensive test

The comprehensive examination would be taken within 6 months of the completion of course work of the Ph.D. student.


If the candidate fails to qualify for work on Ph.D. dissertation, they may be awarded an M.S. degree on the recommendation of the supervisor/BOS.

Defense of PhD thesis proposal and thesis

PhD thesis proposal would have to be defended in front of two national examiners (selected and approved by BOS and BASR). Public defense of the Ph.D. thesis and completion of the degree will commence after the thesis has been examined by two foreign external examiners (will be selected as per the HEC policy).


The number of publications for PhD thesis shall be:

  • (i)At least one (01) ISI-indexed publication.
  • (ii)At least one (01) X-category publication

Moreover, the supervisor of the student has absolute discretion to remove (ii) and side with HEC’s minimal criteria; or to increase it – both with BOS approval.

List of Courses

Course title Course code Credit hours Pre-requisite
Numerical Treatment of P.D.E MTS621 3 MTS515
Financial Mathematics MTS625 3 -
Computational Astronomy MTS637 3 MTS537
Applicable Modern Geometry II MTS645 3 MTS545
Algebraic Geometry II MTS649 3 MTS549
Algebraic Cycles II MTS653 3 MTS553
Algebraic Curves MTS655 3 -
Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems MTS656 3 MTS366
Poly logarithms MTS657 3 MTS557
Timescale calculus MTS658 3 -
Computational Fluid Dynamics MTS659 3 -
Multivariate Statistical Analysis MTS661 3 MTS525
Analysis on Manifolds MTS662 3 -
Plane Curves and Singularities I MTS664 3 -
Mathematical Physics II MTS665 3 MTS565-
Advanced Topology MTS666 3 MTS451-
General Relativity and Cosmology MTS667 3 -
Scientific Programming MTS668 3 -
Convex Analysis MTS669 3 -
MTS669 MTS670 3 -
Monomial Algebra MTS671 3 MTS514
Topics in Homological Algebra MTS672 3 MTS539
Computational Continuum Mechanics MTS671 3 -
Algebraic Topology MTS674 3 -
Category Theorya\ MTS606 3 -
Quantum Mechanics I MTS675 3 -
Special Relativity MTS676 3 -
De Rham Cohomology MTS677 3 MTS 242, MTS 203
Topics of Special Interest I MTS691 3 -
Topics of Special Interest II MTS671 3 -