1. What are the objectives of BS-Mathematics program?
The BS-Mathematics program aims to provide a flexible Major study stream of BS in Applied Mathematics, that can be extended with concentrations (i.e., Minor) in three allied areas, which are Physics, Computer Science, and Statistics and Data Analytics.

2. What career choices do I have after completing BS-Mathematics?
BS-Mathematics, with concentration in Statistics and Data Analytics, will equip you for corporate jobs in the financial industry (banks, insurance companies, stock exchange etc). With a concentration in Physics, or computer science, you could choose to go for graduate education globally, or may choose to work as a computational engineer.

3. What is the duration of the BS-Mathematics Program?
The duration of this program is 4 years, or 8-semesters.

4. Is any kind of financial assistance available to the admitted students?
IBA offers 100% financial coverage to students who can demonstrate with evidence that pursuing education at IBA is beyond their means. This financial assistance is available to students of every IBA program, and BS-Mathematics is no exception.

5. How does the BS-Mathematics program differ from the BS-Eco-Math degree program?
The BS-Mathematics program has a significantly larger mathematics component than the BS-Eco-Math program. Moreover, the main difference is the choice of allied subject, Physics, CS, and Stats and Data Analytics in BS-Mathematics, whereas, Economics in the BS-Eco-Math program.

6. I have not studied Mathematics in my CIEs (or Intermediate F.Sc.). Can I apply for BS-Mathematics?
No. You essentially need the math component in your high school mathematics. The degree program is more suited to individuals having a high aptitude for Mathematics.

7. What is the minimum eligibility for entry into the BS-Mathematics program?

8. When will the admission test for the BS-Mathematics program take place?
The entry tests for BS-Mathematics will be the same as for BS-Eco-Math, and BS-CS programs, and will therefore take place on the announced date (for Round 2 of admissions).

9. When will the classes for BS-Mathematics start?
The classes will be aligned with the start of the Fall 2022 semester (mid-August) and will take place simultaneously with other BS degree program of IBA.

10. In which campus will the classes for BS-Mathematics take place?
The campus policy in effect during Fall 2022 shall be applied to the BS-Mathematics program as well. This policy currently offers all Freshman classes in the City Campus, and classes of all the other years in the main campus.

11. Is BS-Mathematics being offered in the morning or in the evenings?
BS-Mathematics is a day program (i.e., offered during 08h30 – 18h45). It is a regular day time program.

12. Can an IBA BS-CS, BS-EM, or other program student get a credit transfer into the BS-Mathematics program if admission is successful for BS-Mathematics?
Yes, there are conditions currently in place that handle such transfers. The same policy shall apply to students of other IBA programs opting to enter the BS-Mathematics program.

13. What is the maximum enrollment duration for BS-Mathematics?
The maximum enrollment duration for BS-Mathematics program is 6 years according to HEC maximum time limit.