About the Program

Bachelor of Science (BS) Mathematics is a 4-year degree program. This program uniquely offers the opportunity of earning concentrations in allied areas of sciences while adhering to the mathematics core. The flexibility and diversity that this scheme offers to students in studying mathematics, aligns with the current common structure of the BS Math programs worldwide while keeping in line with HEC guidelines. Regular academic and professional career development guidance is available to students to help them cope with the challenges more effectively.

Why a degree in BS Mathematics?

The diversity of Mathematics as a field, and the vast variety of its applications have revitalized its importance in the modern world. With the exponential growth in the number of mathematical tools being employed globally for problem solving, the potential of this discipline is profound. Keeping the growing need in mind, this program trains students for both academia and industry simultaneously. We aim to produce students having the potential to achieve the objectives of this program and to enable them in choosing suitable careers which will ultimately help them in becoming a capable and useful member of the academia and the society.

Program Objectives

The objective of the program is to prepare graduates with a diverse set of skills, attributes and field knowledge which are the key ingredients for a successful career. The program aims to produce students who:

  • Are equipped with sufficient analytical and computational skills for a successful corporate career, or a career in education, or technical industry.
  • Are a good amalgam of theoretical knowledge and its practical applications (as the latter is of utmost importance towards development of a successful career).
  • Are independently capable of modeling the problem at hand, using mathematical tools and knowledge at their disposal.
  • Are not only able to adjust, but also thrive globally in a dynamic academic setting, with its challenges, and rewards.
  • Are willing to continue their formal education and proactively seek to acquire advanced education in mathematics and related fields.
  • Aspire to evolve -through their knowledge and professional skills- into a diligent member of the scientific society.